TripPlanz™ revolutionizes how people get to your location

TripPlanz™ intelligent trip planning tool helps travelers get to precisely where they are going, versus planning around a city center or airport.  And it is easy to install.  You can be live in just 5 minutes.
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TripPlanz™ is a product of Solutionz Technologies.  The company is based in Tampa, Florida and is a sister company to Solutionz Holdings, one of the top advisory services companies in the travel industry.

Our TripPlanz Toolkit™ allows companies, organizations, events and venues to add a VISIT US capability to an existing Contact Us or Driving Directions page. We can “trip-enable” any blog or even embed a link to our intelligent trip planning widget in a confirmation email, when someone is attending your event or coming to see you. We save you and your team time and make life easier for those traveling to see you, plus once you have signed our Charter Client Agreement, on a quarterly basis we share a royalty with you for each booking made on your site(s) and annually we contribute 10% of our gross revenue from your site(s) to your charity of choice.
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Multi-Product TripPlanz Widget

Easily add intelligent trip planning to your website, blog or HTML email in less than 5 minutes

Your travelers can find your address, but do they know the best places to stay around your exact location?  And even if you list the nearby hotels, have you thought about how long it takes people to check availability and rates for each one individually? Add our FREE widget to your page so that they can easily view and book availability and rates at nearby hotels.  

We offer a 110% best rate guarantee on hotels.  Help them plan their travel, including flights and driving directions, without lifting a finger. The following video shows how the widget works once it is installed on your site or in your blog.  The demo begins with pressing the SEARCH button on your widget.
If you are ready to get started, click on the blue button at the bottom of this page to set up your implementation consultation.  It takes less than 15 minutes.  

Once we have your information and customize your widget (which we can do while you are on the phone), it takes just minutes to get the widget installed on your site.

Enterprise Version Available to Trip Enable your B2B Product

Do you have a software platform for businesses where you believe we would fit TripPlanz is perfect for adding trip planning to calendar products, contact management products, publishers of venue and event directories and to trip-enable any photo or video. We can easily extend our capabilities to your client base as well. Click on the button below to set up a 15 minute call with our team.  We can help you determine how TripPlanz can help to differentiate your product or service.  Our dynamic widget product can be implemented in hours, not days, weeks or months.